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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New Money Laundering Guidance

The complexity of the anti-money laundering regime has meant that practical guidance on how to comply has been particularly necessary. The best guidance has come from the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group of various organisations (JMLSG) in three parts. 

New EU directives on money laundering has led to consultation on how these should be implemented in new draft UK regulations that are due to take effect from 26 June 2017. 

And the JMLSG has used the draft regulations as the basis for consultations on updating Part I of its guidance (the mark-up is in 4 separate documents, Chapter 5 of which shows changes to the guidance on electronic identity verification), and more recently on Parts II and III. The consultation versions show the proposed changes to the current guidance, and are an invaluable tool for understanding how a firm's existing approach should change once the new regulations take effect.