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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Privacy Not Core To Your Business? Take The ICO's 12-Step Programme

Though years in the making, it's possible that word of the EU's data protection reforms has yet to penetrate some boardrooms, let alone the IT development roadmaps of UK plc, and the UK Information Comissioner is very concerned that Britain will not be ready to comply. So much so that it has created a new website to urge preparation for the new law - even though the draft directive is not due to be passed until after the UK's referendum on EU membership, and will not take effect until mid-2018. 

Brexit fans should still be concerned. The US will tell you that appropriate privacy safeguards are just one cost of doing business with Europe, and the UK will also need to comply in substance if it is to qualify for cosy trade deals as a non-member of the EU. 

The ICO recommends starting with this 12-step programme.

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