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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Porting Midata Seems Simple Enough

LinkedIn (and have demonstrated how easy it can be to transfer your transaction data from one service or application to another. This should be of interest to anyone interested in Midata.

LinkedIn recently took the decision to replace the function which allowed you to add third party applications to your LinkedIn profile with the ability to add direct links material hosted elsewhere. It appears that the third party applications had been necessary to enable the storage and display of the material on the LinkedIn platform. Ending that third party application programme will mean all the data you've loaded for display via at least some of those applications will no longer be available on your profile. The data would need to be transferred from the LinkedIn platform to a third party's systems in order to display or use it in similar fashion.

Unfortunately, I missed any notification of this decision, and only went looking for information in the Help pages when I found I could no longer add a book to my "Amazon Reading List by Amazon" app. (a nice way of tracking interesting books you've read). That I missed the news was a bit strange, as I'm a frequent LinkedIn user with over 900 connections, so maybe the commuication of this decision and its implications could have been handled a little better. 

However, the instructions for obtaining and displaying my reading list data were simple enough, and I am now the proud owner of a profile on Shelfari, the literary network facilitated by, into which I have imported my data from the application on LinkedIn.

Whether I can then display a list of books I've read to my followers on LinkedIn is a matter for LinkedIn. But it did seem that the updates to the reading list, rather than the list itself, was what sparked comment and discussion.

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