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Monday, 22 May 2017

EBA Insists On Access To Cloud Providers' Premises And Machines

Yes, it's 2017 and the European Banking Authority really does want financial regulators and their auditors to be able to visit the datacentres of regulated firms' cloud service providers, "including the full range of devices, systems, networks and data used for providing the services outsourced".  Responses on these 'recommendations' are due by 18 August 2017.

No one, including the EBA, really knows why regulators would need to do this, or what they would do on arrival - beyond exchanging pleasantries with the datacentre management and staff (who may not be co-located) and perhaps accepting the kind offer of tea or coffee from a robot or good old-fashioned dispensing machine.

The EBA simply presumes that other firms whose data is kept in the same datacentre (however fleetingly) will be happy for the financial regulators and their auditors to be allowed to wander among the cages amidst the pretty lights, exercising their "unrestricted rights of inspection and auditing".  And there's no mention of whether the EBA is happy for all firms' information security policies to be subject to the unauthorised access to their and their clients' sensitive data by audit teams from random financial (or other?) regulators, even where a firm and its clients are not the subject of the audit. 

Far better that the EBA recommendations focus on these thorny, practical issues instead of blithely insisting that firms negotiate broad, unfettered rights of access to datacentres on their regulators' behalf. 

Or maybe this is just a passive aggressive way of trying to prevent firms from using cloud services?