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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Midata Thoughts No. 1

Hard on the heels of the government's recent warning shot, we're now into the working group phase of the voluntary Midata programme.

I'm involved in the working groups on Transmission and Data Protection Regulation & Enforcement. Other members of the Interoperability Board are also looking at Identification; Data Storage; and Onward Data Release to Third Parties. In due course, we will draw those aspects together, with the exact form and format of the output to be decided.

Of course, this is not intended as a 'closed shop' and I have tried to be transparent, via this blog, about my involvement. This has included publishing a summary of my response to the Midata consultation over the summer. In keeping with that, I am now embedding below a presentation of my initial thoughts following discussions on the roles of participants, process flows, the developing co-regulatory environment, risks, controls and challenges. I have also included scenario diagrams covering the three types of scenarios involved.

I welcome any comments, queries or suggestions you may have. I will post further updates in due course.